The EMDR Iraq Association acknowledges that the persons included on this list have received training by reputable authorized international EMDR trainers. However, EMDR Iraq Association does not seek to recommend clinicians and does not assume responsibility for the clinical services provided by these clinicians or his/her competency to provide such services.

Therapists trained in EMDR: are clinicians who have completed the Basic EMDR Training Course, which is composed of levels 1, 2 & 3 and received a “Certificate of Completion” from an accredited EMDR trainer who is affiliated and approved by an approved EMDR training institute.

Certified/Accredited Practitioners
Certified EMDR Therapists are trained EMDR clinicians who have received their “Certificate of Completion” for the Basic EMDR Training Course, and additionally received the “Certification in EMDR” from an approved EMDR organization. This requires many clinical EMDR therapy sessions, more hours of consultation with an approved EMDR consultant and obtaining credits in continued education in EMDR.

Certified/Accredited Consultants
Approved EMDR Consultants are Certified EMDR Therapists who have received “Approved EMDR Consultant Certificate” after conducting hundreds of clinical EMDR therapy sessions, taking consultation-of-consultation training with an approved EMDR consultant, and obtaining credits in continued education in EMDR. They also offer supervision/consultation to EMDR colleagues in the practice of EMDR.