Eligibility Requirements

  • The participant should have a Master’s degree or higher in psychology, counseling, or psychiatry.
  • The participant should have a minimum of 2 years’ experience working as a therapist after the Master’s degree.
  • The participant should have a license from the Iraqi Ministry of Public Health to practice as a clinical or educational psychologist or a psychiatrist.
  • The participant should be currently working as a practitioner with patients.
  • The participants application should be approved by the Standards Committee.
  • Submit a 500-1000 word written statement about why you wish to train in EMDR and where and how you will use it. Also write a few words on how you could contribute to the development of the profession in Iraq. This can be through research, professional/public engagement, policy, contributing to the Association.

Rules for Registration

When a date of the Basic EMDR Therapy Training Course is scheduled and announced, the practitioner who is  interested in taking the training course is required to provide the following:

  • Fill the Application online.
  • Upload Curriculum Vitae CV.
  • Upload a copy of license to practice.
  • Upload a copy of the highest university degree.
  • Upload a letter of reference or recommendation that proves that he/she has a minimum of 2 years of experience in therapy after the Master’s degree.
  • Upload a copy of the Identity Card or Passport.
  • The Standards Committee will review these documents and will inform he applicant of their decision. Upon the approval, the applicant will receive information related to the training.
  • Send application form and documents to:

Schedule of Next Basic EMDR Therapy Training Course

Part 1 – 2023 / Baghdad / Hybrid

Part 2 – 2023 / Baghdad / Hybrid

Part 3 – 2024 / Baghdad / Hybrid


Consultants in Training